Individual and appropriate for children

Hearing aids
Because of the adolescence of the ear, hearing aids for children are solely behind-the-ear systems. Most of the manufacturers offer miniature hearing aids. We carry every hearing aid of the main companies.

The following criteria are important to us:

  • the most advanced technological aid
  • as small as possible
  • high stability
  • easy to handle
  • pluggable to every technical aid (for instance wireless systems)
  • battery case protection
  • design and color

For every hearing aid an individually produced earmold is necessary. According to the adolescence of the child it has to be renewed every week to month. Furthermore we offer every possibility concerning material, size, color and extras (e.g. rhinestone).

According to the type and degree of the hearing loss implants can also be considered for children. We would love do give you advice concerning the possibilities.
Moreover we are a servicepartner of all Implant companies and directly control and repair implants.