In-the-Ear systems

Today in-the-Ear systems are appropriate to every hearing loss. Nevertheless it can only be used efficiently if the anatomic appearance of the auditory canal is optimal.

The whole microelectronics is integrated in an individually manufactured case. Today’s knowledge in techniques allows to give up on control elements like volume switcher etc. The smallest In-the-ear aids are cosmetically the most inconspicuous solution. However an essential disadvantage is that it is not possible to test in-the-ear hearing aids in advance. Therefore it is necessary to test hearing aids as behind-the-ear design before integrating the technique in an in-the-ear case.

Advantages of in-the-ear systems:

  1. Cosmetically the most inconspicuous solution
  2. Easy telephoning
  3. Better voice comprehension despite background noise
  4. Better directional hearing
  5. Less distortion because of absent tube