Can you hear the mouse peeping?

Infantile hearing tests are not comparable to hearing tests for adults. We work with tests which are especially developed and adapted for children. It is very important to factor the development as well as the condition of the child. It is essential that the tests of several qualified people are combined and consequently the best possible solution can be found for the child. Also after the provision the sense of hearing will continuously be tested, so that changes can be recognized and acted on.

Our team is qualified, has a long lasting clinical experience and loves to work with children!

The following diagnostic methods are used for children:

OAE – Otoacoustic missions

  • This test is carried out while the child sleeps

BERA – Brain electronic response audiometry

  • clinical test

Reaction audiometry, Conduct audiometry

  • Child equitable hearing test
  • During the child plays reactions on several acoustic impulses are observed

Game Audiometry

  • The Child accomplishes several tasks in different hearing situations.


Important: Every test result has to be examined by a doctor. Competent contact points are ENT-clinics, pediatric doctors and – institutions.