Wireless systems – the optimal solution for conversation, meetings and school

Despite hearing aids or CIs the speech comprehension in several situations is not optimal. For instance: long distances in school or in meetings, people who walk in the room while they speek or situations with loud background noises.

A FM-System has a transmitter which is worn on the body of the speeker and one or two receiver which are connected to the hearing aid or the CI. The voice is directly sent to the hearing aid or the CI and allows a perfect hearing.


Manufacturers: Sennheiser, Maico, Oticon



  1. direct link to hearing aids
  2. useable for every system like telephone, television, speakers
  3. smallest wireless-system of the world
  4. best possible understanding with background noises
  5. Available for Cochlear Implants

We would love to give you some more information and give you the possibility to test several days.

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