Provision procedure

We take time for your child!

Every provision of a child with a hearing aid happens in close collaboration with the audiological clinic, pediatric acousticians, phoniatrists and ENT-doctors. The interdisciplinary exchange is an essential part of the provision.
To get as much as information as possible about the hearing of your child, several hearing tests, according to the age of the child, are done. Not till every test is analysed a professional diagnostic and individual proposition can be set up.
We always proceed a comparing provision which means that the child tests hearing aids of different manufacturers. At the end of the test phase the child will get the hearing aid with the best hearing result. After the provision the child-care has to be examined and confirmed by a medic.
The time and effort distinguishes from child to child. For 4 years the provision will be controlled regularly (at least every 6 month) and if necessary adjusted. We will also show you how a daily controlling can be done by yourself.
Usually a hearing aid lasts 4 years. After this time the health insurance pays another amount for a new hearing aid.
You and your child are very welcome!!